UK Biobank Annual Meeting 2016

This event is open to health researchers & charities, the public and UK Biobank participants, and anyone else who is interested in attending.

UK Biobank is a prospective study following the health of 500,000 people who were aged 40-69 years during the recruitment period 2006-2010. Join us to find out more the data being collected – including genetics, imaging, activity, diet, biochemistry and linkage to health records – the ethics & governance, and how to access and use the resource. UK Biobank is open to all bona fide health researchers, academia & industry from the UK & overseas.


Please click here to download the 2016 Programme.

Morning session

Afternoon session

Overseas? Watch the LIVE stream of our event, 13th June 9am – 5pm BST

Speaker and panel member biographies

Dr Naomi Allen, UK Biobank
Dr William Astle, University of Cambridge
Professor Jimmy Bell, University of Westminster
Dr Rajarshi Banerjee, Chief Executive, Perspectum Diagnostics, Oxford
Dr Soren Brage, Cambridge University
Clare Bycroft, University of Oxford
Professor Sir Rory Collins, UK Biobank Principal Investigator
Professor John Danesh, University of Cambridge
Dr Aiden Doherty, Oxford University
Professor Paul Foster, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
Professor John Gallacher, Director UK Dementias Platform
Steve Garratt, UK Biobank
Professor Nicholas Harvey, University of Southampton
Dame Helene Hayman, Chair of UK Biobank Ethics & Governance Council
Professor David van Heel, QMUL
Professor Matthew Hotopf, King’s College, London
Professor Mark Jenkinson, University of Oxford
Professor Bernard Keavney, University of Manchester
Professor Jonathan Marchini, University of Oxford
Dr Giles Maskell, The Royal College of Radiologists
Dr Sheelagh McGuiness, UK Biobank EGC
Dr Eric Meslin, UK Biobank EGC
Professor Steffen Petersen, Queen Mary’s London
Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, Chair of UK Biobank Board
Professor Sir Nilesh Samani, University of Leicester
Professor Stephen Sawcer, University of Cambridge
Jonathan Sellors, UK Biobank Counsel
Professor Liam Smeeth, LSHTM
Dr Danny Smith, University of Glasgow
Professor Cathie Sudlow, UK Biobank
Professor Martin Tobin, University of Leicester
Dr Jess Tyrrell, University of Exeter
Dr Susan Wallace, UK Biobank EGC
Fergus Walsh, BBC
Dr Tim Wilkinson, University of Edinburgh

Event details:

When: Monday 13th June 2016 9am – 5pm
Location: QEII Centre – Broad Sanctuary. Westminster. London SW1P 3EE​

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Or the Participant Resource Centre on 0800 0 276 276, or by email: