Steering Committee


The UK Biobank Steering Committee acts as an adviser to Professor Rory Collins, the project’s Chief Executive Officer and Principal Investigator. The Steering Committee comprises lead scientists from a wide range of health research:

  • Chair: Professor Sir Rory Collins (University of Oxford/UK Biobank)
  • Associate Professor Naomi Allen (University of Oxford/UK Biobank)
  • Professor John Danesh (University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Paul Elliott (Imperial College London)
  • Professor John Gallacher (University of Oxford)
  • Professor Jane Green (University of Oxford)
  • Professor Paul Matthews (Imperial College London)
  • Dr Tim Peakman (UK Biobank)
  • Professor Jill Pell (University of Glasgow)
  • Associate Professor Tim Sprosen (University of Oxford)
  • Professor Cathie Sudlow (University of Edinburgh/UK Biobank)
  • Secretariat: Ms Nicola Doherty (UK Biobank)

UK Biobank has a number of expert working groups to advise the Steering Committee.

Scientists with suggestions for enhancing the UK Biobank Resource should contact Professor Rory Collins, UK Biobank Principal Investigator via the UK Biobank Coordinating Centre.