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Future data release timelines

Provisional timeline for future data releases

The tables below gives details of upcoming data releases and estimated dates for when each release will take place. 

Please be aware that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic UK Biobank's priorities for future data availability are under constant review and timelines are subject to change.

Type of data


Approximate release date

​SARS-CoV-2 serology data (including Thriva)

SARS-CoV-2 antibody status data for 20,000 individuals (10,000 UK Biobank participants & 10,000 of their adult children/grandchildren) over a 6 month period, June 2020 - Feb 2022.

November 2022

IDP Update

An update to the image-derived phenotype (IDP) fields in Category 126, Category 149 and Category 158 for approximately 40,000 participants.

November 2022

Hospital Inpatient Data (England and Scotland)

Hospital inpatient data for England & Scotland on the Data Portal, with summary fields on Showcase.

March 2023

Death Registry Data

An update to the death registry data for England, Scotland & Wales on the Data Portal and in Showcase fields.

March 2023

Cancer Registry Data

An update to the cancer registry data for England, Scotland & Wales on Showcase.

March 2023

Covid-19 PCR Test Results

Covid-19 test result data for England, Scotland & Wales on the Data Portal.

March 2023

Hospital Inpatient Data (Wales)

An update to the Welsh inpatient data to cover the period since February 2018, and to complete the diagnosis data since 2016.

March 2023

Scottish psychiatry data

An update to the inpatient data for Scotland to include psychiatric admissions.

March 2023

Cognitive Function Questionnaire Data

Data from a web-based questionnaire on cognitive function for over 170,000 participants.

March 2023

Residential location data

We plan to improve the residential location data available in Category 150, as well as bringing it up to date.


Enhanced Cancer Data

Data on cancer stage and grade, as well as cancer treatment including radiotherapy, chemotherapy cycles and surgery.

Late 2023

Nightingale Second Phase Data (300k)

The existing NMR metabolomic data produced by Nightingale Health in Category 220 will be updated to cover additional participants, with data covering the full cohort expected by the conclusion of the project.


WGS Main Whole Genome Sequencing Release (500k)

The final release of individual-level and joint-called whole genome sequencing data to cover the full cohort is expected in 2023.

Late 2023

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