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Future data release timelines

Provisional timeline for future data releases

The tables below gives details of upcoming data releases and estimated dates for when each release will take place. 

Type of data About Approximate release date

Integrated herpesviruses

Data on inherited chromosomally-integrated human herpes virus-6 (HHV-6) available for all 500,000 participants.

Spring 2024

Perspectum 2023 IDP update

​Update to the fields in Category 126.

Spring 2024

Calico 2023 IDP update

​Update to fields in Category 158

Spring 2024

Residential location data: Address history

​​​We plan to improve the residential location data available in Category 150, as well as bring it up to date.

Spring 2024

Invitations to enhancements

​Data on invitations to enhancements such as questionnaires and imaging, including date and method of invitation, participant response, and reasons for refusing imaging assessments.

Spring 2024

Cancer data (Wales, 2017 onwards)

​An update to the Welsh cancer data to include data from 2017 onwards, which are now being received from a different provider.

Spring 2024

Sleep Questionnaire

Data from the Sleep Questionnaire, exploring sleep behaviour, patterns and quality, as well as contributing factors and consequences of poor sleep.


Carotid Ultrasound .cine file conversion

Carotid ultrasound images currently available in Field 20241 are being transformed into a more accessible format. These data will be available for approximately 70,000 participants.

Spring 2024

Update to derived brain measures

Update to fields in Category 100.

Spring 2024

Social Interactions and Focus Questionnaire

Data from the Social Interactions and Focus Questionnaire, exploring traits and diagnoses of neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), including emotional dysregulation and sensory hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity.

Late 2024

Visual Processing and Memory Questionnaire

Data from the Visualisation and Memory Questionnaire, exploring common cognitive conditions relating to our ability to perceive the world around us and form memories, such as prosopagnosia (face-blindness), aphantasia (the inability to form mental images) and synaesthesia (whereby one sensory experience is consistently accompanied by another).

Spring 2025

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