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Most recent data releases

Most recent data releases

Most recent data release – Late 2023

Main Whole Genome Sequencing Release (500k) (Public)

  • The final tranche of individual-level and joint-called WGS data for all 500,000 participants.

Whole Genome Sequencing DRAGEN Release

  • Whole genome sequencing data for 500,000 participants, assembled using DRAGEN pipelines.


  • Expanded proteomic data covering 3,000 proteins (up from the initial 1,500 proteins measured for the 56,000 participants included in phase 1), available in Category 1838.

Brain imaging

  • Functional and structural brain connectivity networks for more than 40,000 UK Biobank participants. This covers more than one million high-quality structural and functional connectomes for multiple parcellation granularities, several alternative measures of interregional connectivity, and a variety of common data pre-processing techniques. Atlas parcellations in native volumetric MRI space are available in Categories 200, 201, and 202, functional time series are available in Category 203, and structural connectomes are available in Category 204.


  • Mental health and well-being: Data for over 175,000 participants from the Mental Well-being questionnaire, comprising a repeat of some of the questions asked in 2016, and an exploration of further issues related to mental health and distress (such as living conditions and social engagement) as well as data on COVID-19, including first and most recent dates of occurrence, methods of diagnosis and extent of recovery. Data includes 210 new data fields in Category 1500.
  • Cognitive function: Data in Category 116 for over 170,000 participants from four cognitive function tests, which aim to assess cognitive domains such as visual attention, processing speed and non-verbal reasoning.

COVID-19 case-control

  • A final update to the COVID-19 case-control data (Data-Fields 41000 and 41001), which accounts for recently added PCR test data covering to the end of the study period, and adds five new case-control study participants who were the last to attend imaging as part of the study.

Record linkage data

  • COVID-19 vaccination data (England): Record linkage data on COVID-19 vaccinations for England on the Data Portal. Data is restricted and is available for research relating to COVID-19 only; principal investigators should contact the Access Management Team for authorisation to access the data. Data-Field 32040 provides access to the table and Data-Field 32041 provides a summary field containing dates of vaccination.
  • Inpatient data (Scotland): Addition of small amount of Scottish inpatient data from Aug/Sep 2021 to the Data Portal and the summary fields on Showcase in Category 2000.
  • Updated algorithmically-defined outcomes and first occurrences data: Updated algorithmically-derived outcomes (Category 42) and first occurrences (Category 1712) fields incorporating the latest linkage data from hospital inpatient and death records.

AMRA 2023 IDP update

  • Update to the fields in Category 149 to include further longitudinal assessments of abdominal composition.

WGS QC fields

  • Quality control information from whole genome sequencing for 200,000 participants (Vanguard phase plus 150,000 publicly released main phase participants). Additional fields provided to identify sequencing provider and assembly pipelines used for each participant.

Rolling updates to returned datasets

Updates to datasets returned by researchers are made on an ongoing basis. For a list of available returns, please see the Returns Catalogue.


Coverage of linked health data

For information on the coverage dates for the various types of linked health data, including estimates for censoring dates that would apply to longitudinal studies, see the Data providers and dates page.

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