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Timelines for data availability

Timelines for data availability

Most recent data release – March 2023

  • Proteomics
    • Proteomics Phase One release: Olink Explore assay data for 55,000 participant samples providing normalised expression measures for 1,500 proteins (Category 1838).


  • Whole genome sequencing
    • Quality control data for the whole genome sequencing 200k release: Quality control information from whole genome sequencing for first 200,000 participants (Category 187).
    • .Plink and bgen format data for whole genome sequencing 200k release: Conversion of the whole genome sequencing 200k GraphTyper Joint Variant Call to Plink and bgen formats, available in Data-Field 24305 and Data-Field 24306.
    • Microsatellite data from whole genome sequencing: Microsatellite data from whole genome sequencing for 150,000 participants (Data-Field 23365).


  • Eye Data
    • Retinal optical coherence tomography (OCT): Retinal OCT data in Category 100016, which was re-introduced into repeat imaging at the end of 2022.
    • Refractometry data: Refractometry data in Category 1419, which was re-introduced into repeat imaging at the end of 2022.
    • Macular thickness from OCT: Macular thickness measures for left and right eye, from OCT images at baseline and first repeat visit (Category 100079).


  • Image-derived phenotypes (IDPs)
    • Derived Kidney Measures: Kidney distance, fusion, and parenchyma generated by Uppsala from MR images for 40,000 participants in Category 159.
    • Update to derived brain measures: Update to fields in Category 100 with addition of new fields such as quantitative statistical mapping and arterial spin labelling.
    • Update to DXA machine-derived fields (50k): Update to DXA machine-derived fields in Category 103 with addition of approximately 11,000 participants.
    • QC data for liver MR derived fields: A QC field (Field 40063) for Perspectum liver IDPs (Field 40060, Field 40061 and Field 40062) to document the change in the acquisition protocol for the MRI images upon which they were based.


  • Health record linkage data
    • Hospital Inpatient Data (England): Inpatient data have been updated for England, including filling in missing critical care data from early 2021. Inpatient data are available via the Data Portal, with summary fields in Category 2000.
    • Death Registry Data (England, Scotland, and Wales): Death data have been updated for England, Scotland and Wales, available via the Data Portal and the Showcase fields in Category 100093.
    • Cancer Data (England, Scotland, and Wales): Cancer data have been updated for England, Scotland and Wales, available in Category 100092.
    • COVID-19 PCR test result data (England, Wales): COVID-19 test result data have been updated for England and Wales on the Data Portal. Some issues with the linkage in the English data have been discovered and corrected since the last release (affecting approximately 1.4% of the records), and so we recommend projects re-download the table if they are using this data.
    • First Occurrence Data: First occurrence fields in Category 1712 have been updated to account for the latest death, inpatient and self-report data.


  • Cognitive function data
    • Broken Letters test: Data from the "broken letters test" are being released in Category 1358. Participants are shown a series of progressively degrading letters of the alphabet and asked to identify them.
    • Picture Vocabulary: Data are being released for a picture vocabulary test introduced in 2016 at the Imaging Clinics; please see Category 504 for more details.


  • Geographic and environmental data
    • Additional location data: Additional location data relating to imaging visits has been added to the location at assessment fields (Fields 22688 and 22689).
    • Water Hardness Levels: Water mineral levels generated from participant home locations (Category 603).


  • Other data
    • OMOP transformation of UK Biobank dataset: Transformed version of UK Biobank dataset to the OMOP Common Data Model (Data-Field 20142)
    • Dynamometer calibration data: Calibration information for dynamometers used to measure participant grip strength (Category 100019)


  • Showcase structural update (Data Portal tables): Some changes have been made to Showcase and the Data Portal to enable easier navigation. The Data Portal now presents users with a drop-down list of the tables they are authorised to access. In Showcase, gateway-fields now list the Record Tables they give access to (see e.g. Field 40100), and record tables also now have their own Showcase 'pages' (see e.g. Record Table 924).

Rolling updates to returned datasets

Updates to datasets returned by researchers are made on an ongoing basis. For a list of available returns, please see the Returns Catalogue.


Coverage of linked health data

For information on the coverage dates for the various types of linked health data, including estimates for censoring dates that would apply to longitudinal studies, see the Data providers and dates page.

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