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Timelines for data availability

Timelines for data availability

Most recent data release – July 2023



  • OMOP release on RAP: Transformed version of UK Biobank dataset to the OMOP Common Data Model available on RAP (Field 20142)


  • Nightingale Second Phase Data (300k): An update to NMR-metabolomic data from Nightingale Health for 170,000 additional samples. Two new derived fields have been added for all samples - Glucose-lactate (Field 20280) and Spectrometer-corrected Alanine (Field 20281). See Category 220 for further details. Additionally, Phase 1 data has been updated with recalibration of a spectrometer for increased accuracy, and corrections to errors in a small number of samples. Please see Resource 130 for more information.

Questionnaires and Participant Contacts

  • Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire: New response data (2022-23) from ~195k participants on 154 questions relating to health and well-being in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, including long COVID symptoms. ​See Category 160 for more information.
  • Amalgamated list of contact points: ​​Data on personal contact made with UK Biobank by participants, either by attendance at an assessment centre, completing an online questionnaire or by using/returning a device, available in Category 2.


  • 200k WGS phased data – BEAGLE: Phased VCF files based on 200k whole genome sequencing generated using BEAGLE software; see Field 20278.
  • 200k WGS Phased data – SHAPEIT: Phased VCF files based on 200k whole genome sequencing generated using SHAPEIT software; see Field 20279.

Health Linkage Data

  • Hospital Inpatient Data: Update of the Welsh and Scottish hospital inpatient data, including filling in missing Welsh diagnosis data from 2016 onwards and incorporating Scottish psychiatric inpatient records dating back to the 1990s. Inpatient data are available via the Data Portal, with summary fields in Category 2000.
  • Scottish cancer data (2021): Addition of missing Scottish cancer records for the period Jan 2021 - July 2021, available in Category 100092.
  • COVID-19 Test Data (Scotland): COVID-19 test results data have been updated for Scotland, including changes to the structure of the covid19_result_scotland table on the Data Portal. See the COVID-19 test result data dictionary for more information.
  • Updated algorithmically-defined outcomes and first occurrences data: Updated algorithmically-derived outcomes (Category 42) and first occurrences (Category 1712) fields incorporating the latest linkage data from hospital inpatient and death records.

Image-Derived Phenotypes

  • Calico spleen data: ​Image derived phenotypes of iron in the spleen from IDEAL and gradient echo protocols for ~45k participants, available in Category 158.
  • Derived cardiac measures (2023 release): Update to cardiac derived measures in Category 157: additional structural and functional phenotypes generated by Imperial College London for a further 38,000 participants, including a QC field indicating machine learning pipeline version.
  • DXA - hip shape and osteoarthritis characterisation: ​Characterisation of hip bone and joint metrics derived from 40,000 DXA images which have been linked to clinical outcomes of hip pain and osteoarthritis. The data describe acetabular, superior, and inferior femoral head osteophytes grades, and a morphological characterisation of hip shape (including joint space narrowing and acetabular dysplasia).

Other Derived Data

    • Residential location data - derived location measures: New fields for census area and local authority districts derived from participant home locations at baseline in Category 703. Note that these fields are restricted and approval for access will preclude access to the home location grid coordinate fields in Category 702.
    • Update to MET score data: Update to the MET score fields in Category 54 to address differences between the original derivation and the published IPAQ guidelines and to add data for repeat assessments.

Rolling updates to returned datasets

Updates to datasets returned by researchers are made on an ongoing basis. For a list of available returns, please see the Returns Catalogue.


Coverage of linked health data

For information on the coverage dates for the various types of linked health data, including estimates for censoring dates that would apply to longitudinal studies, see the Data providers and dates page.

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