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Timelines for data availability

Timelines for data availability

Most recent data releases - June and July 2022

Available through Showcase fields:

  • Cancer Data (Scotland):An update to the Scottish cancer registry data in Category 100092. See the Data Providers and Dates page for details of the data coverage dates.
  • Nutrition Data:Updated and extended derived information on nutritional intake from the online 24-hour questionnaire for more than 200,000 participants. See Categories 100117 and 100118 for details.
  • Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS):Data for a range of diseases and quantitative traits for all 500,000 participants, provided by Genomics PLC. See Categories 300, 301, and 302 for details.
  • Joint Variant Call (JVC) [temporarily restricted]: New data produced using the GATK pipeline on 200,000 participant samples. This provides a complete JVC for all currently available participant genomes, combining the 50,000 Vanguard samples with the 150,000 genomes included in the previous JVCs. See Category 24304 for details.
    • We would like to inform researchers of a minor issue with the format of the sample headers within the pVCF data files that will cause downstream toolchains to fail. We have temporarily restricted this dataset whilst we resolve the matter. We shall let you know in the next few weeks when the format issue has been corrected and these data are available. 

Available on the Research Analysis Platform (RAP) only:

  • Final Release of the Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) data: Completion of the WES project with the release of data for approximately 470,000 participants.

Rolling updates to returned datasets

Updates to datasets returned by researchers are made on an ongoing basis. For a list of available returns, please see the Returns Catalogue.


Coverage of linked health data

For information on the coverage dates for the various types of linked health data, including estimates for censoring dates that would apply to longitudinal studies, see the Data providers and dates page.

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