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Approved research

A precision health study based on UK Biobank data

Principal Investigator: Dr Hsin-Chou Yang
Approved Research ID: 57561
Approval date: February 13th 2020

Lay summary

his study aims to uncover human genome and examine their roles in the promotion of health and welfare. In this study, we will identify genes associated with available clinical phenotypes and quantitative traits in UK Biobank by using genome-wide PheWAS and evaluate how they influence the studied diseases or quantitative traits. This is the first and fundamental step to understand disease etiology and genetic mechanism. Complex diseases are co-influenced by genes, environmental exposures, and their interaction. This study will also examine how disease genes work with environmental exposures to increase a risk of the studied diseases or quantitative traits. The empirical evidence from this study will provide a better understanding about our genome. The information has a potential clinical impact for developing disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment in precision health that different treatments are applied to different patients according to their unique genomic make up. We plan to execute this project for a 3-year period that includes data clean, data analysis, data interpretation, and results presentation and publications.