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Approved research

A Secondary Data Analysis Case-control Study to Evaluate Dietary Intake before a Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis in the British Population.

Principal Investigator: Mrs Amal Aldossari
Approved Research ID: 41002
Approval date: May 14th 2019

Lay summary

This project aims to determine whether there is a difference between colorectal cancer patients one year pre-diagnosis and people without cancer diagnoses in their dietary intakes based on healthy eating recommendations. There is evidence highlighted that adopting a healthy diet may help in cancer prevention and improve survivorship. Furthermore, higher rates of mortality and morbidity noted in cancer survivors compared to people who have never had cancer, have motivated people living with and beyond cancer to change their lifestyle to a healthier one. Most studies assessed dietary intake before and after diagnosis among breast cancer patients, while very few studies evaluated the same for colorectal cancer patients. Therefore, the present study aims to evaluate dietary intake before and after diagnosis among colorectal cancer patients in the UK. The study's findings might help patients understand how a healthier diet can facilitate cancer prevention and survivorship as diagnoses become more prevalent. In addition, the study will determine whether colorectal cancer patients tend to change their eating habits after diagnosis and whether this creates an opportunity for overall lifestyle and health improvement. This project will take 36 months from bio bank application submission until disseminate results.