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Approved Research

A Study of risk factors for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Principal Investigator: Miss Lian Chen
Approved Research ID: 94533
Approval date: November 10th 2022

Lay summary

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are the primary diseases that threaten human life and health. At present, some related risk factors have been identified and treatment methods have been applied. However, the prognosis is still poor. Therefore, the purpose of our study is to find the risk factors of diseases from multiple perspectives based on the data of a large sample population, including general demographic characteristics, disease history, medication history, blood biochemical indexes and so on. On the basis of traditional risk factors, we can find more connections, such as the association among cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, this study aims to guide the precise management of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, find new risk factors, explore new targets for prevention and treatment, improve prognosis, reduce disease burden, and contribute to human health.