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Approved Research

Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium Multi-ethnic Alzheimer disease Genetics Analysis

Principal Investigator: Dr Farid Rajabli
Approved Research ID: 64211
Approval date: January 11th 2021

Lay summary

Our goal in this study is to evaluate the role of race/ethnicity and ancestry-specific genetic factors in known Alzheimer disease (AD) genes in our multi-ethnic dataset and to identify novel risk loci correlated with genetic ancestry. In the experimental design, we will perform a series of ancestry-aware statistical approaches to characterize the influence of ancestral background located in or near the genomic region of known genes in AD. Furthermore, to identify novel genes specifically through under-studied ancestries,  we will perform genome-wide analysis by testing the genetic factors in the context of genetic ancestry. This study will systematically assess the role of genetic ancestry on AD risk in a diverse set of multi-ethnic samples, potentially leading to a set of genes and genomic regions that modify existing AD risk factors. This gives us the opportunity to identify novel factors influencing AD that may contribute to health disparities.

This study will provide insights into the risk factors correlated with genetic ancestry and will enhance the power and extend studies in under-studied populations. In particular, identification of population-specific variations that influence disease could inform precision medicine initiatives, and lead to the development of ancestry-specific AD treatments. This would improve treatments, and help reduce health disparities.