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Approved Research

An MRI-based technology for early assessment of antidepressant efficacy in depression

Principal Investigator: Dr Jinkyeong Sung
Approved Research ID: 65920
Approval date: January 11th 2021

Lay summary

Major depression disorder (MDD) is a serious health problem causing emotional distress, functional impairment, health problems, and suicide. However, more than 50% of patients are unable to find a suitable drug that works. This situation increases the duration of disease and makes treatment more difficult for patients. Thus, identifying effect of gene-smoking interaction on lung function in several populations is remaining task. Therefore, it is crucial to quickly select a drug that works for people with major depression disorder.

From previous studies, we identified some brain regions which related to antidepressants response treatment. However, the areas of the brain known to be crucial for antidepressants response treatment were very diverse and consensus was not reached. Therefore, our aim was to identify consistent important brain regions affecting MDD treatments and we will use multi-modality MRI traits in UKbiobank cohort. Moreover,  we will develop antidepressants response treatment prediction model for reducing the time to select suitable drugs for MDD patients.

We expect that our finding provides understanding of MDD, reduces the burden on MDD patients, and emphasizes the importance of personalized medicine. Our plan was that One years for data construction, preprocessing,  and integrating for use as training images, and additional two years for the development and application of prediction models. This project is expected to lead to great benefits for social economy and social health.