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Approved research

Analysis of Biobank Neuro Imaging Data

Principal Investigator: Stephen Smith
Approved Research ID: 8107
Approval date: October 1st 2015

Lay summary

We will apply image processing software to the neuro imaging data, in order to a) further develop image processing algorithms and software, for use by the wider research community (e.g. disseminating as part of our neuroimaging software FSL - FMRIB Software Library -, and b) to co-analyse imaging-derived phenotypes against other Biobank data such as lifestyle measures and future health outcomes. The research will aid in extracting useful information (disease biomarkers, etc) from the Biobank imaging data. We will apply existing image processing software, and develop new software, for analysing the imaging data being acquired by Biobank. This will help us improve the software, and start extracting useful information from the data. All datasets where neuroimaging has been carried out.