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Approved Research

Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of Aging-related Serum Uric Acid in Nervous and Digestive System Disorders with Machine Learning Methods

Principal Investigator: Professor Xiaoshan Zhao
Approved Research ID: 90369
Approval date: September 8th 2022

Lay summary

How to reduce chronic diseases in the aging process and promote "healthy aging" are important social public health issues. The nervous and digestive disorders are closely related to the aging process. However, the mechanism is still unknown. Previous studies have reported that the human nervous and digestive systems are interdependent. Our research team have found that uric acid is influenced by many factors in the aging process of healthy people. In this three-year project, we aim to conduct the following research: 1) Characterization of the dynamic changes of serum uric acid in health, the nervous and digestive disorders during aging process in a large cohort with additional validation datasets. 2) Demonstration of causal relationship between serum uric acid and the nervous and digestive disorders outcomes based on an integrated analysis of lifestyle, environmental exposures, genotypes, and imaging data using machine learning methods. The public health impact of this three-year study could help improve early diagnosis and treatment decisions for the nervous and digestive disorders associated with elevated serum uric acid, especially those chronic functional diseases that still lack clear objective criteria.