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Approved Research

Analysis of the influencing factors of dementia

Principal Investigator: Professor Jun Lyu
Approved Research ID: 76636
Approval date: October 20th 2021

Lay summary

The occurrence of dementia is slow and insidious, partial dementia patients have a relatively good prognosis if timely detected and early treated, Early diagnosis and prediction of dementia are very important.

Based on the UK population, the aim of our project (estimated duration: 3 years) seeks to investigate the causal relationship between dementia and cardiovascular risk factors, genetic susceptibility, metabolic syndrome and intoxication.    

Most of studies focused on the occurrence of dementia induced by risk factors, population researches evaluating how the risk factors affect the development of dementia are limited. This study can further explore the clinical manifestations and influential factors of patients before the onset of dementia, and can provide evidence for the early diagnosis and treatment of dementia in the future.

The potential to shed light on the underlying association between dementia and closely related diseases/risk factors will stress the importance of population-based interventions in the UK and worldwide. Such study will improve the prevention strategies for dementia related diseases and reduce social financial burden on healthcare.