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Approved research

Analyzing the genetic association between depressive disorders and metabolic conditions considering environmental risk factors

Principal Investigator: Professor Hans Grabe
Approved Research ID: 61700
Approval date: September 29th 2020

Lay summary

Studies have shown that persons with metabolic alterations are more likely to develop depressive symptoms or even a depressive disorder. At the same time the risk of developing metabolic disorders is higher in individuals with depressive symptoms. Both conditions have increasing prevalence worldwide. However, the reasons for these frequent co-occurrences are not yet fully understood. The conditions may be direct consequences of each other or impacted by common genetic or environmental risk factors such as trauma, education, social status or behavioral traits. By combining genetic and environmental/lifestyle data in our analyses we aim to get a better medical understanding of the factors underlying this comorbidity. Results of our project will have the potential to improve early recognition of individuals who are at risk for developing depressive disorders or metabolic diseases. Moreover, the findings might help developing improved preventative and treatment approaches for people with both conditions. Furthermore, a better understanding of depressive disorders may reduce stigma toward depression in the general population and increase help seeking. Our project will be conducted over an extended period of approximately 3 years.