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Approved Research

Anthropometric characteristics and the risk of atrial fibrillation and cardiovascular diseases in different age groups

Principal Investigator: Dr Eue-Keun Choi
Approved Research ID: 76593
Approval date: February 8th 2022

Lay summary

It is important to identify factors that have causal relationship with cardiovascular events and can be targeted for treatment. Using large-scaled individual data from the UK Biobank, this study aimed to focus on the data of anthropometric measurements such as body weight, waist circumference, and so on, along with whole-body bio-impedance analysis results indicating the quantitative data of body composition (for example, fat percentage and mass, muscle mass).

The present project will last for a total of 3 years. This study is expected to identify important body measurement and body composition parameters that are important in accurately predicting individual cardiovascular outcomes, with a particular emphasis on atrial fibrillation. We will investigate the relationship between the parameters and the illnesses, which may lead to the identification of specific targets for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.