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Approved Research

Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Measurement of Heart Function in Heart CMR

Principal Investigator: Dr Yanran Wang
Approved Research ID: 78983
Approval date: June 21st 2022

Lay summary

Artificial Intelligence (the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines) has a clear advantage over humans for heart disease diagnosis. Artificial Intelligence has been successfully applied in echocardiographic images, but not cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR), which is the golden standards for many heart diseases. In this project, we aim to apply Artificial Intelligence on heart CMR to enable automatic and objective heart function measurements. These heart function measurements are fundamental for diagnosis, and guidance of treatment in patients with heart diseases. Our hypothesis is that fully automated AI-enabled measurements on heart CMR can make use of the whole information from heart CMR, provide more objective assessment, and improve diagnostic accuracy.

The project will be conducted for three years and intend to use as many heart CMR scans as available to satisfy the need for automatic heart disease diagnosis.  We hope that the proposed  automated Artificial Intelligence on heart CMR can free doctors from tedious redundant work, improve healthcare quality, and make healthcare more accessible.