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Approved research

Assessing risk for type 2 diabetes using UK Biobank

Principal Investigator: Dr Kimberley Smith
Approved Research ID: 27291
Approval date: May 31st 2017

Lay summary

We want to determine how various diabetes risk and protective factors might differ in their impact on diabetes incidence based on the baseline level of diabetes risk as determined with the Leicester Diabetes Risk Score. In the first cross sectional phase of this study we will examine how psychological, behavioural and social factors differ based on baseline diabetes risk level. The second phase will use longitudinal data to determine whether psychological, behavioural, functioning and social factors increase/decrease the risk of incident diabetes when we stratify for baseline diabetes risk score. This research will allow us to conduct research that will help us to better identify people at high risk of developing diabetes, and what factors may be most protective in reducing the risk of diabetes. It is in the publics interest to have research that helps them to better understand diabetes risk and how we can best alleviate this risk. Phase 1: We will remove any person with diabetes at baseline. We will then split the sample up according to diabetes risk score (low, increased, moderate, high). We will then look at how behavioural (e.g., activity), psychological (e.g., depression), functioning (e.g., grip strength) and social (e.g., social networks) factors are associated with each level of diabetes risk. Phase 2: We will look at the incidence of diabetes across each level of baseline diabetes risk. We will then examine the proportional increase/decrease in risk that results from each behavioural, psychological, functioning and social factor. Full cohort