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Approved research

Assessment of the integrated association of potential determinants of physical activity by domain

Principal Investigator: Dr Ji-Yeob Choi
Approved Research ID: 46743
Approval date: March 13th 2019

Lay summary

Recently, it has been reported that the beneficial effects of physical activity exist regardless of the purpose of the daily activity. However, physical inactivity has increased worldwide; thus, identifying the determinants of daily physical activity is important for improving levels of physical activity. The objectives of this study are to evaluate the integrated associations of the potential determinants of physical activity by domain, including leisure-time, transportation, domestic, and occupational domains. Although several previous studies have evaluated potential determinants, these studies were limited; we will go beyond those previous studies by using physical activity variables in multiple domains, establishing a hypothetical pathway model of potential determinants and assessing the direct, indirect, and total effects of them by using structural equation modeling in longitudinal design. In addition, by comparing our results with findings from the Health EXAminee (HEXA) cohort, one of the largest studies in Asia that includes approximately 170,000 Koreans, we will ensure the validity of the results and/or identify cross-cultural differences. In conclusion, our project will contribute to establishing how determinants of physical activity comprehensively affect physical engagement.