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Approved Research

Association between acute pancreatitis and subsequent cerebrovascular diseases

Principal Investigator: Dr Guoliang Li
Approved Research ID: 98434
Approval date: April 3rd 2023

Lay summary

Acute pancreatitis (AP), an acute inflammation of the pancreas, is the most common pancreatic disease, with the incidence of 33.7 cases per 100,000 person-years worldwide and causing a significant health-care burden. The consequences of AP may not only be localized to the pancreas or abdomen but would also be systemic. One of those complications is endocrine dysfunction, and specifically impaired glucose metabolism or diabetes, which could damage blood vessels and nerves. Adults with diabetes are nearly twice as likely to have heart disease or stroke as adults without diabetes.

Cerebrovascular diseases are leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Cerebrovascular diseases are multifactorial with many mechanisms contributing to a complex pathophysiology. Previous studies have identified hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are the main risk factors contributing to the development of cerebrovascular insult, apart from natural risk factors. One of the major processes worsening disease severity and outcome is inflammation. Cytokines of the IL-1 family are strongly implicated in sterile inflammatory responses that worsen cerebrovascular disease.Effective targeting of the IL-1 system could be therapeutic in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease. Inflammation in AP may spread from the pancreatic vasculature into systemic circulation and promote a generalized inflammatory response, which is deleterious to vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques. Besides, patients with AP have higher rates of cardiovascular diseases. Inflammation, diabetes, and atherosclerosis could be related to the development of AP and cerebrovascular diseases, thereby acting as potential common pathogenic factors.

Our present study aimed to examine the associations of AP with incident stroke in participants from the UK Biobank data set.

Scope extension: Our present study aimed to examine the associations of AP with subsequent cerebrovascular diseases in participants from the UK Biobank data set. Our new scope aims to investigate the associations of acute pancreatitis (AP) with neurodegenerative diseases in participants from the UK Biobank data set. Moreover, we intend to delve into the mediating roles of cardiovascular-related risk factors and lifestyle factors in these associations.