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Approved research

Association between cerebrovascular disease and Parkinson disease.

Principal Investigator: Dr Babak Navi
Approved Research ID: 58919
Approval date: April 2nd 2020

Lay summary

Parkinson disease (PD) is the fastest growing neurological disease currently affecting millions worldwide, yet it lacks an established, commercially-available, imaging-based biomarker that can help identify persons at increased risk. The objective of this research project will be to explore the associations between the burden of cerebrovascular disease on imaging studies and the risk of a subsequent diagnosis of PD. To achieve this aim, we will evaluate the relationship between the degree of vascular changes on brain MRI and carotid ultrasound and the risk for developing PD. Our approach will be a cohort study using longitudinal data from the subset of participants enrolled in the prospective, publicly-available, population-based, UK Biobank study with advanced imaging. The rationale for this research study is that identification of imaging-based risk biomarkers for PD would provide novel insight into the pathophysiology of PD and would enable targeted prevention strategies for those at highest risk. As PD prevalence is expected to double by 2040, it is imperative that actionable risk markers for PD are identified and targeted in order to reduce its rising morbidity. The estimated project duration is 36 months.