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Approved Research

Association between systemic immunity and cholelithiasis.

Principal Investigator: Dr Bo Zhang
Approved Research ID: 91660
Approval date: September 14th 2022

Lay summary

Gallstone disease is a highly prevalent disease with an incidence of 10-20% in the general population. Besides making people feel pain and discomfort, gallstone disease increases social health burden. The disorder of immunity system was linked to gallstone disease but associated studies were not comprehensive.

In this study, we would explore the effect of immunologic factors on gallstone disease. UK Biobank clinical data on gallstone disease, gallbladder operations, and blood sample tests will be collated. We will then compare patients who have gallstones to those who do not, after adjusting for confounders, we would evaluate the role of all kinds of peripheral immune cells in gallstone disease. This will allow us to identify immune system changes which lead to the development of gallstone disease.  We will also assess the association between diet, exercise and various environmental factors and the immune system and their impact on the development of gallstones. Hence, we would like the full cohort of patients who have data available on the development of gallstones , blood tests and environmental factors, including diet, exercise and sociodemographic factors.

This study would explore the role of the immune factors in gallstone disease and provided novel insights into the complex pathophysiological mechanisms of human gallstone disease. Modulating immune factors might act as prevention target for gallstone disease.