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Approved Research

Association of anti-viral vaccines, APOE and genetic susceptibility to herpes-virus infection with incident dementia

Principal Investigator: Dr Christian Schnier
Approved Research ID: 64966
Approval date: September 14th 2021

Lay summary

Recent studies have suggested an association of (herpes) virus infection with dementia. This would suggest that vaccination against herpes virus infection (Varicella Zoster Vaccination) might be associated, as well. In our study we will explore if this association can be repeated in the UK Biobank population. We will also study, if the association is effected by the genetic make-up that makes some people more likely to develop dementia, and the gentic make-up that makes people more likely to be effected by herpes viral disease in older ages (shingles). The project will use information from linked routinely collected health data (hospital admission, GP records, mortality statistics) and the genotype information available for the UK Biobank population. We hope to have the data analysed and the results interpreted within an 18 months time period. Our study will help to further understand the suggested association of viral infection with dementia and will help to guide (national) dementia prevention strategies. The project is supported by the Bill Benter Foundation, US.