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Approved Research

Association of egg consumption with the risk and prognosis of dementia in older people

Principal Investigator: Dr Precious Igbinigie
Approved Research ID: 80300
Approval date: December 21st 2022

Lay summary

Owing to the increase cases of dementia as a result of the early onset of the disease and the increased life expectancy there is a need for an effective approach to reduce the number of individual affected by the disease.

Nutritional intervention can be one of the strategic approachesĀ  to prevent and manage dementia due to lack of pharmacological intervention to treat the condition. the aim of carrying out this research is to determine how egg consumption influences dementia. Egg being a staple food is commonly consumed by the population owing to his reduced cost and diverse way of preparation. This research will assist health professional in tackling the impact of dementia on the economy as a result of reducedĀ  manpower and financial constraints occasioned by the dementia.