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Approved research

Association of gluten intake with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk - Findings from the UK biobank

Principal Investigator: Professor Mathias Fasshauer
Approved Research ID: 47144
Approval date: February 20th 2019

Lay summary

Although study results are contradictory, gluten intake has been linked to increasing health risks. Therefore, gluten-limited and gluten-free diets gained popularity also among healthy people without coeliac disease. The main reason for buying gluten-free products is that they are considered to be healthier than their conventional counterparts. However, a gluten-free diet may result in limited food choice and an unbalanced diet which is low in iron, zinc, folate, niacin, and fibre. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge dietary gluten intake of UK Biobank participants has not been assessed so far. This research aims to assess: - The average dietary gluten intake of UK Biobank participants (aim 1) - Whether gluten intake is associated with facets of the metabolic syndrome and vascular disease (cross-sectional study; aim 2) - Whether gluten intake predicts all-cause and cardiovascular mortality (prospective study; aim 3) In summary, the study will provide further evidence whether or not a gluten-limited or gluten-free diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. The research project is in line with the aims of UK biobank, i.e. to improve the prevention of serious public health risks like metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. We expect a project duration of 12 months.