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Approved Research

Association of social and environmental factors and genetic markers with the risk of postpartum depression in women.

Principal Investigator: Ms Rachel Kenny
Approved Research ID: 86155
Approval date: February 8th 2023

Lay summary

This proect aims to assess the association between post-partum depression (PPD) and various social, environmental, and genetic risk factors. Between 10% and 15% of women who give birth will experience PPD which includes all symptoms common in clinical depression and several specific to the postpartum experience. PPD is of special clinical significance due to it's potential to affect not only the new mother but also the newborn. One area of ongoing research for postpartum depression is in genetics as prior research has shown those with a family history of depression have an increased risk of developing PPD. This finding suggests a possible genetic proponent which could be used to identify women with a genetic prediposition for developing PPD before it occurs. This project aims to advance the understanding of risk factors for PPD and will enable physicians to better predict women most at risk for developing this disease.  It is estimated that this project will be completed within 18 months upon receipt of the data.