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Approved Research

Association of Vitamin D and tea comsumption wth Alzheimer disease

Principal Investigator: Miss Yin Wang
Approved Research ID: 88813
Approval date: July 6th 2022

Lay summary

The prevalence of dementia is increasing and diet as a modifiable factor could play a role.Alzheimer's disease (AD), the main cause of dementia in older adults,is a significant worldwide concern because of its high prevalence and incidence, adverse consequences, and lack of curative medications.Accumulating evidence has underlined that adverse effects of Vitamin D are not limited to the bone but, depending on the serum level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD), also affect the brain. Evidence on the role of vitamin D in the central nervous system has increasingly been described.

Previous studies have revealed the involvement of tea in the development of dementia. However, little is known about the association between the combination of tea and the risk of AD. Therefore, my study will  aim to investigate the association of vitamin D and tea separately with the risk of AD.

Patients with AD suffer from a lot and usually cost so much with threapy.My study, which may last half a year, aim to investigate the association of Vitamin D and tea consumption with Altheimer disease, so that the diseae could be prevented on diet.