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Approved Research

Association study of rare metabolic disorders and common metabolic syndromes

Principal Investigator: Professor Xiling Shen
Approved Research ID: 70726
Approval date: May 17th 2021

Lay summary

Obesity and associated metabolic syndromes are global health issues threatening our society. Ample evidence shows calories from different nutrients are not equal and could drive the development of metabolic syndromes. While metabolomics gains popularity, the effect of metabolites in both bloodstream and tissues remain controversial. This study lavage the abnormal metabolite level seen in a population harbors rare mutation to investigate the effect of different metabolites. By restricting the analysis to metabolism-related genes, we expect to unveil many previously overlooked associations between the loci and clinical outcomes.

In approximately thirty months, we will shortlist metabolites that are likely associated with different metabolic syndromes. These metabolites can be used for disease monitoring and served as drug targets.