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Approved Research

Big data-based analysis of genotype-phenotype correlations in eye diseases

Principal Investigator: Dr Zhenzhen Liu
Approved Research ID: 87083
Approval date: May 24th 2022

Lay summary

Eye disease is a growing public health concern worldwide. Eye disease-related blindness and visual impairment carry a significant global economic burden. For example, the annual cost of lost global productivity due to vision impairment from uncorrected myopia and presbyopia alone is estimated at $244 billion and $25.4 billion, respectively. Different eye diseases require different and timely management. The identification of specific environmental influences and genetic influences that affect eye diseases will facilitate the implementation of effective interventions. This will improve the health care of eye disease and reduce the public health burden associated with eye disease. All work is expected to be completed within the next 36 months, but it may be extended due to methodological advances and new discoveries that may require external validation. This project is conducive to more effective prevention and resolution of eye problems in patients with eye diseases, to avoid visual impairment and reduce the burden of disease caused by eye diseases.