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Approved Research

Biological and Environmental Determinants of Pancreas Size and Their Association With Diabetes

Principal Investigator: Professor Jack Virostko
Approved Research ID: 79758
Approval date: February 8th 2022

Lay summary

We want to find out why people have different sized pancreases and whether having a small pancreas increases someone's risk for getting diabetes. We will identify relationships between someone's pancreas size and their diet, early life experiences, and health history. This will help us understand what a 'normal' pancreas size is for each person. By knowing a 'normal' pancreas size for each person, we can find out when someone's pancreas size is smaller than we expect, which may mean they are at risk of getting diabetes. We will find out whether there are differences in the relationship between pancreas size and other measurements in individuals with and without diabetes. This retrospective project will be completed in 2 years.