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Approved Research

Biomarkers of neurological diseases

Principal Investigator: Dr Minghao Dong
Approved Research ID: 76921
Approval date: March 7th 2022

Lay summary

There exist many kinds of biomarkers for neurological diseases to diagnosis, such as tau for AD. Yet, some neurological diseases lack of such biomarkers. In order to get a better diagnose and treatment for patients, more and more biomarkers need to be explored. As is reported, inflammatory factors and cells may play an important role in some neurological disease while their causal relationship is still mysterious, which is valuable to be further dissected. Therefore, We aimed to conduct a Mendelian randomization study to explore the potential causal relationship between our interested traits and neurological diseases, in order to find and validate new biomarkers for neurological diseases. The duration of our project is estimated to be 12 months.