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Approved research

Brain white matter anomalies

Principal Investigator: Professor Bernard Mazoyer
Approved Research ID: 18359
Approval date: April 6th 2018

Lay summary

Detect and quantify on brain MRI different types of white matter anomalies (hyper signals, perivascular spaces). Assess effects of demographic, clinical and environmental variables on the number and volume of these anomalies. White matter anomalies are thought to be biomarkers of small vessel diseases and cognitive decline. The proposed research will provide key elements on the lifespan course and risk factors of white matter anomalies appearance and development which will provide arguments for developing new prevention/intervention strategies against age-related brain pathologies. We will develop an automated computer analysis of brain MRI scans searching for anomalies in the white matter tissue and study statistical association of the quantity and volume of these anomalies with demographic, lifestyle, and bioclinical variables 10,000 (all available UK biobank participants with brain MRI data)