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Approved Research

Cardio-metabolic traits and direct and indirect consequences of Covid-19

Principal Investigator: Dr Louisa Gnatiuc
Approved Research ID: 70676
Approval date: June 30th 2021

Lay summary

Covid-19 is a health emergency that is more harmful among people with pre-existing chronic disease such as diabetes, vascular disease or cancer, and accounts for important mortality, which would not otherwise occur in the absence of a Covid-19 infection. This study aims to carefully characterise what makes some people more likely to get the Covid-19 infection than other people, and what the immediate and long-term consequences of Covid-19 are.  The data from the UK Biobank will be primarily used to answer these questions. For comparison, information from the Mexico City Prospective Study might be also assessed. This would be interesting, because in Mexico, more people suffer from diabetes and its complications compared to the UK.  Analyses will take 3 to 5 years to conduct and publish, and will ultimately help to better understanding this new disease,  why some people are more affected by it compared to others, and its impact among those without and with per-existing diseases.