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Approved Research

Cardiometabolic polygenic risk scores and its impact on renal, endocrine, sensorial traits and malignancy

Principal Investigator: Dr Jacob Shujui Hsu
Approved Research ID: 77452
Approval date: July 22nd 2022

Lay summary

We aim to construct polygenic risk scores (PRS) derived from UK Biobank and Taiwan Biobank to investigate the cardiometabolic risk factors on heart functions, endocrine functions, kidney functions, osteoporosis, and sensory system. A "polygenic risk score" is a way through which individuals can learn about their risk of developing a disease according to the total changes in their genome. We intend to generate PRS by using the genomic data from the UK Biobank and Taiwan Biobank and performing statistical analysis to discover the causal relationship between certain cardiometabolic factors and organ functions within 3 years. The created PRS would improve current healthcare quality in several ways. First, clinical workers can advise people with higher PRS to pay additional attention to certain diseases. In addition, people may receive early healthcare management based on their risk scores. Furthermore, PRS can provide disease insights for medical researchers.