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Approved research

Cardiometabolic trait genetics

Principal Investigator: Professor Eleftheria Zeggini
Approved Research ID: 10205
Approval date: October 1st 2015

Lay summary

We are requesting access to the full UK Biobank genotype data along with phenotype data on traits of cardiometabolic relevance. The data will be used in genotype-phenotype association studies and will contribute to genome-wide discovery efforts, as well as to replication efforts for already-identified promising signals in independent samples. Our team has expertise in running genetic association studies and we have a primary focus on traits of cardiometabolic relevance. The proposed work fits in with the aims of UK Biobank, as it seeks to identify associations between sequence variants and traits of medical relevance. It leverages the large sample size of the UK Biobank cohort alongside further large-scale genetic studies of the same traits. The focus of our work is on complex trait genetics. We design and carry out large-scale genetic association studies and aim to identify genetic loci associated with traits of medical relevance. We will link genotype to phenotype information to find genetic loci predisposing to human disease and relevant traits. Full cohort