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Approved Research

Characterization of risk factors and biomarkers for digestive tract diseases

Principal Investigator: Dr Hao Chen
Approved Research ID: 83339
Approval date: March 18th 2022

Lay summary

The digestive tract is important in maintaining the function of the human body. Diseases of the organs in the digestive tract are harmful to our health. In recent years, different methods with promising therapeutic effects have been developed to treat digestive tract diseases. Despite advances in therapeutics, digestive tract diseases can lead to serious consequences and long-lasting burdens. Thus, "the best fight is the one you avoid", the prevention and prediction of digestive tract diseases are as important as treating them. Individual characteristics, such as lifestyles, psychological factors and genetic variations, could have far-reaching impacts on the development of digestive tract diseases. However, there are other factors that remain controversial, and indicators with high predictive sensitivity and accuracy remain deficient. It is important to provide such evidence based on large-scale studies.

In this 3-year project, we aim to 1) explore the risk factors that predispose people to the development of digestive tract disease. 2) identify indicators that can assist with the individualized prediction of digestive tract diseases. Our findings will help the public to take actions, for example, lifestyle modification, to prevent digestive tract diseases, and assist in the decision-making process of healthcare providers.