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Approved Research

Characterize the burden of type 2 inflammation in dermatological and respiratory diseases.

Principal Investigator: Mrs Catia Proenca
Approved Research ID: 77992
Approval date: November 30th 2021

Lay summary

Type 2 inflammation is a type of systemic allergic response that can be associated with several respiratory and/or dermatological diseases such as asthma. More than half of people with asthma suffer from an underlying type 2 inflammatory process. These patients are at increased risk of suffering asthma attacks leading to hospitalization than asthma patients without type 2 inflammation. In addition to asthma, type 2 inflammation also plays a role in other respiratory conditions such as eosinophilic esophagitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic rhinosinusitis and, allergic rhinitis) and dermatological diseases such as eczema. Better understanding the patient characteristics of people with type 2 inflammation and of people with dermatological or respiratory diseases and type 2 inflammation, is important to elucidate the role of type 2 inflammation in these diseases. Additionally, understanding the treatment patterns, patient pathway and resource use of people with type 2 inflammation (defined based on blood biomarkers) will be useful to understand the burden of type 2 inflammation for the health system. This study is expected to take a year to complete.