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Approved Research

Chronic pain and health-related quality of life: a population-based study

Principal Investigator: Dr Nigel Armfield
Approved Research ID: 84853
Approval date: May 24th 2022

Lay summary

Chronic pain, that is pain of greater than 3 months duration is a global public health problem. Previous studies have estimated that up to 43.5% of people experience some form of chronic pain, with 10% to 14% experiencing moderate to severe pain. Chronic pain is costly; annual costs have been estimated at up to 635 billion US dollars in the USA, and 200 billion Euros in Europe. The burden of chronic pain has been studied,  typically through small-sized studies of individual conditions or pain locations, or by using data that have been aggregated and do not offer the detail that may be gained from a large study using individual participant data.

Our study will provide new and important knowledge about the burden of chronic pain at a population level. The new information will be useful to inform policy, decision making, and the evaluation of future interventions to improve the lives of those with chronic pain.