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Approved research

Classification and Prediction of Disease

Principal Investigator: Professor Lawrence Sirovich
Approved Research ID: 42225
Approval date: February 21st 2019

Lay summary

We have made a careful study of the informational content of an individual's DNA, and the potential mutations which may appear. We have been able to link mutations to disease for seven diseases (Bipolar Disorder, Coronary Artery Disease, Crohn's Disease, Hypertension, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type-1 Diabetes, and Type-2 Diabetes). These deliberations have been put into the form of classifiers of disease, and classifiers of wellness with respect to these diseases. The UK BioBank database offers us an opportunity to evaluate the new methods we developed on independent data. Since it is a low probability that any of the sequences in the WTCCC1 database are also present in the Bio Bank database, this offers a relatively blind test of the methods we are proposing. It is our contention that the rationale for this scientific effort is compelling. It is also our belief that we can make sufficient progress in the first year of this investigation to sensibly evaluate the novel approach. It is our belief that the public health aspect of our endeavors can be immense.