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Approved research

Clinical and genetic determinants of variation in glycaemic response and trajectory in type 2 diabetes

Principal Investigator: Ewan Pearson
Approved Research ID: 20405
Approval date: December 2nd 2016

Lay summary

Patients with type 2 diabetes have variable response to treatment, and variable rates of progression of underlying disease. Response and progression are difficult to disentangle as progression encompasses underlying drug response. The research questions are: What are the clinical, drug drug interaction and genetic predictors of drug response and how do these predictors differ between different diabetes drug treatments. What is the variability in rate of diabetes progression between individuals, and what are the clinical and genetic predictors of variability in diabetes progression. How do non-diabetes drugs impact on diabetes progression? This project aims to improve the treatment of type 2 diabetes by gaining insight into the clinical and biological mechanisms that determine response to drugs and underlying diabetes progression. This will enable a stratified approach to therapy and the potential for development of novel therapies in this area. We will use the clinical data obtained from GP records in UK biobank to define how individuals with Type 2 diabetes respond to drug treatment, and how their diabetes progresses over time. We have developed statistical and genetic models for these outcomes within the Scottish health record data and will test and extend these in the large UK biobank dataset. Full cohort