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Approved Research

Clinical correlations for genetic targets discovered through in vivo therapeutic screening

Principal Investigator: Dr Martin Borch Jensen
Approved Research ID: 91438
Approval date: July 21st 2022

Lay summary

In order to develop medicines for human disease, researchers need a way to test new ideas for how to affect the biology of the disease. Even the best systems we use to test effects, treating animals that have the same diseases, have a risk of misleading us because of differences in the biology of animals and humans. This project will supplement extensive animal results in four major diseases, heart fail, lung and liver fibrosis, and osteoarthritis, with data from the human UK biobank cohort in order to ensure that the new medicines we will develop are more likely to work in human patients. This project will continue for at least three years, to be extended for as long as we are getting new information about genes responding to potential medicines.