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Approved Research

Comparing resting state networks in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in cannabis and non-cannabis users and healthy controls in UK Biobank sample

Principal Investigator: Dr Arpan Dutta
Approved Research ID: 96894
Approval date: March 6th 2023

Lay summary


The aim of this project is to determine the difference in resting brain networks in those who have have PTSD between those who use cannabis and do not use cannabis


Previous neuroimaging research has revealed there are differences in brain structure and activity in people who have PTSD and in people who use cannabis. Cannabis based medicines are currently being researched as a potential treatment for PTSD. Using MR imaging techniques we can look at how cannabis usage affects the functioning of interconnected brain areas in PTSD. Presently, there is no research on resting state imaging comparing people who have PTSD and use cannabis and those who have PTSD but do not use cannabis. Therefore, this project will provide useful information in this current gap of knowledge to aid research and understanding about the effects of cannabis on the brains of people who have PTSD.

Project duration:

This project will be completed within 3 years

Public health impact:

As cannabinoids are being researched as a potential treatment for PTSD, this research will have an impact on understanding in this area. The results can be used to inform future research on cannabis use in PTSD and the effects this may induce on brain structure and activity.