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Approved Research

Comparisons of data collected on women participating in both UK Biobank and the Million Women Study

Principal Investigator: Dr Sarah Floud
Approved Research ID: 78571
Approval date: June 27th 2022

Lay summary

The aim of this project is to enable comparisons to be made between data collected in the Million Women Study and UK Biobank. About 50,000 Million Women Study participants have also participated in the UK Biobank study, and the information that participants have given in the two studies can be compared for accuracy and reliability, as well as assessing changes over time. Strict data protection controls will be applied and our comparisons will use a dataset with identifying information removed. The Million Women Study has obtained ethical approval for the linkage. Over the course of the project (initially 3 years duration), different measures will be compared. This will enable more reliable evidence on lifestyle risk factors for major chronic diseases to be provided for the benefit of public health.