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Approved Research

Complex Analysis and Creation of Extensible Datasets for UKBioBank

Principal Investigator: Dr Ben Busby
Approved Research ID: 82561
Approval date: June 7th 2022

Lay summary

Aims: We are going to make it easier to access and subset on different data types, so researchers can get to meaningful results faster.  Scientific Rationale:  For precision medicine to be realized, researchers must be able to subset cohorts of patients on imaging, medical test (e.g. electrocardiogram), activity, or metabolic data.  Once these subsets are established, treatment options become more precise due to an understanding the genetic contributions to these cohorts' disease.   Public health impact: This subsetting is important because it is often used to direct the treatment protocol for this disease.  If the subsetting is done incorrectly and inappropriate drugs are used for each subset, patients may die faster.  Project duration: We expect this project to last approximately two years.