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Approved Research

Comprehensive investigation of determinants and risk factors associated with the development and progression of chronic kidney disease

Principal Investigator: Dr Anand Srivastava
Approved Research ID: 88543
Approval date: August 9th 2022

Lay summary

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) increases the risks of cardiovascular disease, end-stage kidney disease, and death. Emerging literature suggests that CKD worsens outcomes in patients with other comorbid conditions, such as lung disease, metabolic syndrome, liver disease, and cancer. Enhanced understanding of the relationships of CKD with other comorbid conditions will enable us to study factors associated with adverse clinical outcomes to eventually personalize therapy. We propose to perform a comprehensive analysis to evaluate lifestyle, social, environmental, genetic, biochemical, and imaging markers associated with the development of CKD and cardiovascular disease, progression of CKD, and death. We will also evaluate these outcomes in patients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease, lung disease, liver disease, metabolic syndrome, and cancer. We will also use all available data to identify subgroups of individuals with and without CKD to determine the risks for development of CKD and worsening CKD. The results of this study will identify novel determinants and factors associated with the development of CKD and worsening CKD in multiple disease states that will inform the design and conduct of clinical trials to personalize therapies to reduce the risk of adverse clinical outcomes.