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Approved research

Computational Modelling of Human Heart using MR Images

Principal Investigator: Mr Jayendra Bhalodiya
Approved Research ID: 32263
Approval date: September 1st 2017

Lay summary

Human heart MR Image analysis to develop an automatic procedure for cardiovascular diseases diagnosis and prognosis. The patients suffering from hypertrophic and dilated cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, ischemia can be benefitted with improved desease identification and futture state estimation. The research question targetted is to develop algorithms for cardiac motion tracking and image registration to estimate muscles deformation and strain values in healthy as well as diseased heart patients. Heart muscles related diseases have been addressed to develop fast and accurate diagnosis. The calculated results will be compared with different clinical measures addressing the research question of accuracy of various clinical measures. The human heart muscles myocardial properties have been addressed in this research to improve diagnosis and surgical plan. The outcome will help patients of cardiovascular disease like arrhythmia, ischemia, dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that is a leading cause of death globally. Therefore the purpose of UK Biobank to improve the health of humans by developing an advanced technological tool to accurately analyse and treat diseases will be achieved. The research will be simulation and algorithm based using anonymised MR Images at University of Warwick. There will no be any involvement of patients. The research will be to develop algorithms to analyse medical images using mathematical models. Computer algorithms with the mathematical framework will be used to analyse data cohort restricted to heart imaging. There will not be any participants involved. The anonymised MR Image data that is available in UK Biobank will be used for research. We require a cohort restricted to those with heart imaging data.