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D+ART: The diet and arthritis data project

D+ART: The diet and arthritis data project

Principal Investigator: Dr Alex MacGregor
Approved Research ID: 33557
Approval date: May 31st 2019

Lay summary

Improving the quality of research into the role of diet in arthritis is a priority for patients. The aim of this application is to investigate dietary influences on three common musculoskeletal conditions: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic musculoskeletal pain. The analysis will focus on three specific aspects of diet for which there are commonly held beliefs about their potential for prevention and disease modification: the Mediterranean diet, diets high in fruit and vegetables, and diets low in fat. We will address the evidence for the claims about the benefits of these diets in the UK population.

The project will help provide consistent messages about the relationship between individual dietary exposures and arthritis to be communicated to patients. We will use these findings to inform strategies for prevention and treatment of these common musculoskeletal conditions, consistent with the aims of the biobank project.