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Approved research

Daily patterns of physical activity and syndromes of ageing. Relationship between physical inactivity and markers of geriatric syndromes.

Principal Investigator: Dr Sebastien Chastin
Approved Research ID: 33400
Approval date: November 23rd 2018

Lay summary

GERIATRIC SYNDROMES are common clinical conditions prevalent in older people that do not fit into discrete disease categories. They include conditions such as falls, frailty, immobility, physical and cognitive decline; their impact on quality of life and disability is substantial. Although each one of these syndromes is a distinct health condition, geriatric syndromes share many common features (e.g. they are common in older populations especially the frail elderly). Although we still not fully understand why exactly they occur we believe that their origin is probably multi factorial. The aim of this study is investigate the relationship between daily patterns of (in) activity (a possible lifestyle determinant of tehe syndromes) and geriatric syndromes using the wealth of data available in the Biobank database. This 12 month project aims to improve our understanding of the relationship between patterns of daily physical activity and geriatric syndromes and to investigate whether they can provide a diagnostic of early signs of geriatric syndromes or be used as a preventive modality.