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Approved research

Determining the Genetic Basis of Rotator Cuff Tearing

Principal Investigator: Professor Robert Tashjian
Approved Research ID: 47706
Approval date: June 4th 2019

Lay summary

Rotator cuff tearing is a common shoulder problem. The development of tearing is likely due to environmental and genetic factors. Identifying genetic variants associated with rotator cuff tearing will allow physicians to identify patients at risk for genetic component to tearing. These patients are likely to have worse healing as well after repair and therefore may help indications for treatment. Our aims include identifying patients from the UK biobank with rotator cuff tears and then do genetic analyses to compare these patients to a control cohort from the population. Identification of variants will improve our ability to indicate patients for treatment. The duration is expected to be 6 months. The health impact is large as millions of people are effected by rotator cuff tearing and improving the ability to properly treat them is critical. Genetic factors leading to tearing will be a component of indicating these patients.