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Approved research

Development and validation of polygenic risk score models for human traits and disease

Principal Investigator: Dr Akash Kumar
Approved Research ID: 48991
Approval date: April 18th 2019

Lay summary

MyOme's mission is to provide actionable insights from genetic information. We will use whole genome sequencing to provide users with information pertaining to disease risk for a variety of common diseases such as coronary heart disease and more rare conditions such as Lynch syndrome. We will also provide information on variants that might impact a customer's reaction to certain medications. MyOme aims to develop a generalizable method of predicting an individual's genetic risk for a range of health conditions based on their whole genome sequence. We intend to use the UK biobank to test the applicability and accuracy of our approach. Methods developed using this dataset could enable more accurate disease prediction and improved approaches to screening that will be useful in the context of personal and family health.